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Monastery and Abbey

Meeting house and holy place, the Cistercian Abbey with its monastery is also a tourist attraction.
Founded by a group of monks that arrived in Morimondo from France in 1134, the monastery is built arround the cloister, the centre of the comunity life.
As a matter of fact every room is linked to the cloister: the chapter house, where the monks gathered in order to discuss and take important decisions, the refectory and the scriptorium.                  
The monastery whose restoration was finished in 2008 has four floors: above the chapter houseyou can visit the dormitory.
The church is an example of Cistercian but also Gothic architecture and it was built between 1182 and 1296.
The face wall is characterised by the big door, the rose window, the biforas and the archs that are in contrast to the stark indoor. Although inside the church there is a affresco of Bernardino Luini, a crucifix of 1400, a stoup of 1300 and the choir made of wood in 1522 by  Francesco Giramo, an artist coming from Abbiategrasso .

Beside the Museum of the Abbey, set up in order to promove monastery rooms, and the Civic Museum of Comolli which tooks place in the last floor of the city hall and contains Comolli’s paperboards, are very interesting.
During the week the museums tours are allowed only by booking it by telephone; nevertheless on Sunday afternoon the booking is not necessary.

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